Few of the travel grant will be provided by Soft Computing Research Society (SCRS). Under this, Maximum up to 3 tier AC train fair will be reimbursed in the shortest route to the authors of some selected papers, provided the author should be the member of SCRS. For membership, please visit

To avail this grant (holding the membership of SCRS), the author need to send the following documents with a prior request through mail to

Prof. Kusum Deep (

CC to: Dr. Jagdish Chand Bansal (

i. SCRS membership and registration proof
ii. Filled Application Form for travel grant, which must be completed in all aspects.
iii. Registration proof of SocProS'14.

1. Taking membership of SCRS is the minimum eligible criteria to apply for 'travel grant'. However, it does not guaranty to get the grant.
2. The applications (i.e. requests through mail communications to above IDs) received till 10th Oct. 2014 will be shortlisted by the SCRS officials, based on the ranking of author's paper and availability of SCRS-fund. The final permission for 'travel grant' will be communicated latest by 15th Oct. 2014.